QSBS Photo Gallery Highlights


 This photo gallery will be used to highlight quilts that either had special meaning for the customer or to me, as the longarm machine quilter.  

**Please remember that all photos are provided on my Website as a courtesy of me, or my customers, and are not to be printed or shared without their, or my, permission.** 


QSBS Photo Gallery - Refraction


Some notes...

This quilt top was pieced by Carolyn A. and is Refraction by Stephanie Soebbing of Quilt Addicts Anonymous in Rock Island, IL. She wanted to treat herself to a custom quilt and said, "Use your artistic eye and have fun with it!" So that is exactly what I did. I've had my eye on a pattern by Karlee Porter, on Intelligent Quilting, titled Bliss Block 2 (of which she has several different versions of). I almost lost my mind when I realized Carolyn's Refraction quilt could support the type of computerized quilting (digital quilting) I wanted to do, which reminds me of graffiti art. Carolyn chose strip fabric that had little polka dots on them and when I see polka dots, I think fun and funky. Thanks Carolyn for letting me go for it and trust that my quilting choices would both complement and enhance your quilt top and I hope you enjoy this photo gallery as much I enjoyed quilting it. 

QSBS Photo Highlight- Sewing Machine


Some notes...

Did you happen to see the QSBS Facebook page of the bus trip I took to Missouri Star Quilt Company w/ a lovely bunch of ladies in mid-August 2018 (sponsored by Cotton Creek Mill Quilt Shoppe)? Well...the photo gallery of the computerized quilting below is the result of me hitching a ride on the bus tour. Tami and I did a little bartering...yup, doing it old school...and I quilted it in exchange for getting to join the trip. 

While custom quilting can get pretty intense (for the longarmer), it sure is fun to see a vision come together and is especially rewarding when the customer is pleased with my work. Both Tami and Tara had a couple small requests but mostly, I just got to go for it and had some fun w/ this one. Hope you enjoy the photos below.

QSBS Photo Highlight - Quilter's Patch #1

Some notes...


This section photo gallery highlights a quilt top that was created by Norma N., a lovely woman with decades of quilt-making experience. As a birthday present, her niece decided to have it custom quilted and I was honored to be commissioned to do so. 

The quilt (top) is "Quilter's Patch" by Edyta Sitar. My goal was to be respectful of the time it took Norma to cut and piece it together as well as choose quilting patterns and designs that enhanced and/or complemented the quilt top. I said to the customer, "While Aunt Norma created the garden, I am taking her on a walk THRU the garden." :-)


QSBS Photo Highlight - Quilter's Patch #2


#2 for Nancy

There won't be a #3. Whew! ;-P

This client had seen the quilting I had done on Aunt Norma's quilt and requested quilting for her Quilter's Patch have the same "flavor." While there were a few quilting treatments that were similar to the first, my goal was take Nancy on a walk thru her garden as well so I made some changes and additions and just went for it. Thankfully, Nancy enjoyed the quilting. I tried to quilt designs in the flowers which were similar to what the actual flowers were as named in the book.

This client shared with me that this was her first go at applique followed with it "isn't perfect." (But then, is there ever really a quilt that is perfect? Hoping I am not the one to burst your bubble...but ladies and gentlemen, even show quilts have flaws and imperfections.) First I said, "Wow! You chose this particular BOM to learn how to applique with? That was quite ambitious but way to go for it girl!" So once I settled into the quilting, and decided to enjoy the ride, it became fun and am honored that I was chosen to help Nancy complete her Quilter's Patch project. 

QSBS Photo Highlight - For Coach

Some notes...

This section shows a quilt I was asked to create using my longarm machine quilting service for my nephew's high school basketball coach as an end-of-season gift from the team. It didn't photograph very well due to the ombre fabric but it was quite special and needed to be studied to see the detail. I created 10" blocks in which I placed each player's name and jersey number. With permission of the school (which is important to do!), I created the school's mascot and logo on Blue (my longarm machine) and stitched it on the quilt. Not gonna lie, that wasn't especially fun to do because it was quite time-intensive but I knew the payoff would be worth it! I set the falcon in the center of a basketball court, which I also created. 

This quilt top was so much fun to design and quilt and I am happy to report the customer was quite surprised by the gift and was pretty speechless. The oohs and aahs were very rewarding to hear. My nephew (Erwin, #43) graduated this year (2018) and did I mention he is 6'7"? It has been a fun journey watching him grow. 

I am honored to be an Aunty.