Prep Your Quilt


There's more prep work...huh?

Ms. Giraffe quilt pieced by Jana D. for QSBS and quilted by QSBS. 

Now that you've completed your quilt top, what's next? A little prep work is necessary so you may send your quilt top, batting and backing to the QSBS studio. 

Stock photo provided by GoDaddy.

Preparation & Info

  • Your backing and batting needs to be at least 10" wider than the quilt top. This provides a minimum of 5" of material on the sides of the quilt top to work with.
  • Bed sheets will not be accepted as backing.
  • Clean stray or loose threads from your quilt.
  • Press your quilt seams. If your backing needs to be pieced together, you will need to do so before providing it to me. If prior to loading your quilt on my machine, I have to clean threads from the quilt top, press seams, trim or piece a backing, there is a fee of $20/hr for these services.
  • If you are planning to scallop the edges, you will do so after it is quilted and returned to you.
  • Identify the quilt top and the backing by attaching a note to it if there is any concern which is which.


Getting your items to QSBS

Quilting pattern in the photo above is Flower Child by Apricot Moon @ Urban Elementz. This is the Ms. Giraffe quilt that QSBS used Quilter's Dream Puff batting with just to see what it would do. Look at all that loft!

 If you're local, we'll schedule a time for drop-off of your quilting materials. You may also refer to the Delivery/Pick-Up section on the Services Webpage for another option. 

If you are not in the local area, ship your quilt top and backing(and batting if applicalbe) via UPS, FedEx or USPS using a method that provides tracking of your package. 

Please understand I cannot be responsible for packages that are lost or damaged during shipment. If upon delivery, the package is damaged, I will notify you promptly. 

If you have not yet purchased batting, I have batting available for purchase. I use Quilter's Dream and some choices are:

  • Natural Dream Cotton Select
  • White Dream 80/20 Select
  • Dream Poly Select
  • Dream Wool

If you are mailing your quilt top to me, may I suggest wrapping the quilt in plastic to avoid damage from unpredictable weather as I live in Iowa in the beautiful Mid-West. While the area I receive deliveries is covered, you never know what kind of handling the package may endure during the mailing process.

C'mon...let's go for it.

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