Services & Fees

Edge-to-Edge (All Over)

Valentine/heart E2E quilting pattern.


$0.02 - $0.03  / sq in. 

E-2-E is a longarm machine quilting service that is one pattern repeated over the entire quilt. Price is dependent on pattern density. 

Quilt top above pieced by Cotton Creek Mill. 

Quilting by QSBS.

Semi-Custom Quilting

Commissioned My Creative Stitches to create center custom quilting.


$0.04 / sq in.

An example of this longarm machine quilting service may be one pattern in the border and one (E2E) design in the inside section.

Quilt top above pieced by a customer. 

Quilting by QSBS. 

Custom Quilting

Custom quilting on a Liberty quilt top.


$0.05+ / sq in.

Custom work may also be completed by my longarm machine quilting service. While custom quilting is time intensive, the end result is quite special. Custom quilting also increases thread fees.

Quilt top above pieced by Joann A. Quilting by QSBS.

Machine Quilting Work Request

Please complete this form and bring it with you to our first meeting.

Quilting Work Request for Quilt Stitching by Shelly, LLC_For Fillable Acrobat_07-03-19 (pdf)


Delivery & Pick-Up Service

Don't want to drive?

If you need assistance with pick-up or delivery of your quilt, please contact me to discuss this service. Below are the fees to do so: 

  • 0-30 miles (one-way mileage): $20
  • 31-60 miles (one-way mileage): $35

For example, Iowa City, IA and Galesburg, IL are within a 60-mile radius of the QSBS Studio, so the fee for me to either pick-up/deliver a quilt from/to either of those locations would be $35.

Not in the mood to drive? As an option, you may mail your quilt top and backing to the QSBS Studio. Upon completion of the project, I will return it to you at the most economical, but secure,postage/UPS/Fed-ex rate and add  the shipping and handling costs in the invoice.  

Delivery/Pick Up Service & Fee
Delivery/Pick Up Service & Fee

QSBS Discounts and Tidbits


$10 Discount

 Mention this and and save $10 off your machine quilting service fees. (Note: This applies to quilting projects that are more than $50. )

Straight-line quilting and runner made from scrap fabric.

Minimum Fee

 A minimum of a $50 fee will apply to smaller items such as quilt/wall art, baby blanket, etc. However, if due to size and design of the item, the quilting takes longer than 2 hours to complete, the fee may convert to cost / sq in as noted in the above section.

I pieced the bright table runner from scrap material of another quilt and sewed straight-line quilting using my domestic machine. You may recognize the quilt from which the scraps were leftover in the Photo Gallery. Click on the button below to view photos of quilts I have quilted using my longarm machine quilting service. 

Binding Service

 I do not currently offer binding services.