Edge-to-Edge (E2E) Pattern Notes

Quilt Stitching by Shelly longarm machine quilting, edge-to-edge (allover) pattern.

Pattern Choices

As a longarmer (another name for machine quilter with humongous table that has a really fancy sewing machine attached to it, wink), we purchase digital patterns to help us create quilting that complements your quilt. We purchase said patterns and then make choices regarding factors such as scale, density and aesthetics to ensure the desired end result (amazing quilting, that is) is achieved. Some Websites/designers I have purchased patterns from are: House of Creations, Intelligent Quilting, Karlee Porter Designs, Methodist Hill Quilt Studio, My Creative Stitches, Quilts Complete, Stitch Happy!, Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio, Thimbleworks, Three Sisters Fabric, Quilting It and Urban Elementz but there are many talented pattern designers who are truly artists in their craft. 

Photos shared on this page are of projects that I've quilted for clients. 

The E2E pattern on the quilt image to the left is called Lucy's E2E by My Creative Stitches. 

Legal Stuff

When I purchase a pattern, I am purchasing a license to use said pattern. Please be respectful of the time it takes the designers to create patterns and do not reproduce, nor try to sell the patterns below, as they are protected by copyright (for the designer)! The patterns below are pictures and not actual digital patterns and file types are specific to different longarm machines. For my customers, I am merely providing some choices to you, to peruse before we meet, should you so desire.  

Not quite hitting the mark...

If you see a pattern you like that just misses the mark of your vision, let's have a conversation. I may be able to create a pattern or purchase one that fulfills your want.

Click/touch "Show More"

While the patterns below are not all of the E2E patterns I own or may create, there are enough that they likely won't all populate at once. So as you scroll down, click or touch "Show More" and more patterns will continue to populate on the screen or on your phone. I attempted to sort the patterns below by designer as I have found they each tend to have their own "flavor" or signature touch to their designs. Thanks for that ladies and gentleman. To my past, current and future customers, enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you. 

New E2E Patterns

Quilt Stitching by Shelly Longarm service. Marmalade pattern.

Check 'em out...

Check out some new digital patterns below. Some I've had an opportunity to use on recent customer quilts and some I'm just waiting for the perfect quilt top to apply it to. Could it be on yours? 

Instagram and Facebook

Did you know I update recently-completed quilting projects to Quilt Stitching by Shelly's Instagram and Facebook pages? You'll find photos of some of these new patterns there. For example, the modern Baptist Fan, Delphine, Soho, Modern Cubes and Wayward Swirls. Click on the Instagram and FB icons at the bottom of each page or simple search for Quilt Stitching by Shelly.