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The quilts in the photo gallery below are mostly customer quilts that I have been commissioned for the longarm machine quilting service while some are my own creations. The orange dude is Plopsy and is here just to make you chuckle! 

You may scroll thru the photos or you may click/touch on it to view a specific one and read comments. Click/touch "Show More" at the bottom to view more photos. There is an additional Highlight Gallery on a different Webpage. 

**Please remember that all photos are provided on my Website as a courtesy of me, or my customers, and are not meant to be printed or shared without their, or my, permission.** 

Stephanie of QAA, Kaffe Fassett Fabric & Me

Soooo...this happened...

Stephanie Soebbing, of Quilt Addict's Anonymous, asked if I could pinch-hit for her for a couple of quilts that "would be traveling." At the time I am writing this, she is about to have a baby, attending shows, creating videos and tutorials and was coming up on a deadline. So yup...I was happy to help. Stephanie and I both had a vendor booth at a local quilt guild show where she told me she had posted a video to her YouTube channel with all sorts of delicious information. Little did I know that the two quilts that I quilted for her were going to be traveling as part of the Kaffe Fasset USA 2019 Tour!! 

She had FIVE of her original patterns in the tour! Two other ladies came together with the assist as well to help piece some of her five quilts (Hi Josie and Melody!) and Stephanie quilted her other three patterns. I am honored to have been a small part of the team it took to help her reach her deadline. So here is the video of her VIRTUAL TRUNK SHOW where she talks about how this project came to be. The two quilts I quilted are about half way into the video. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed being part of a team and collaboration and there is some information listed below the photos below. 

Ragbrai Migration

But first...a word from our sponsors...

Just kidding! I don't have any sponsors. :-) It's just little ol' me (OK...I'm kidding again...I am not "little.") hoping to make my customers happy with their finished project. But I do have some news to share...

In case you don't know about the All Iowa Shop Hop Sew Iowa magazine, here is a link to the Website for you to check out: https://alliowashophop.com/ .  Why am I giving the Sew Iowa magazine a plug? Hmmmm...could it be because a quilt that I quilted is in the magazine? Ding, ding, ding, ding...yup, you guessed it. 

If you have the magazine, turn to page 106, which shows a quilt titled Ragbrai Migration , designed and pieced by Laura Strickland or Orange Blossom Quilt Studio (an article about the cover is linked and in which Ragbrai Migration is mentioned). Pssst...this pattern is for sale on her Website as Modern Midwest Migration. Laura called me last spring asking if I would quilt a top for her that was going to be one of the items highlighted in the magazine. Uh...of course!

Sadly though, the magazine didn't list my name as the quilter. :-( I quilted the larger one (with the white background fabric) and the quilter whose name is listed, quilted the smaller one (with the blue background fabric). Anyhoo...the magazine folks have listed my name as the quilter on the Webpage that shows edits/corrections. But nonetheless, I am sharing a few pictures below of the quilting...which...I'm not gonna lie...is amazing!! 

The quilting patterns are by Anita Shackleford and are called Modern Chain, Modern Link and Modern Pearl. I had seen this treatment on one of her Webpages and thought it was beyond cool. Since I am a bicyclist, the shapes made me think of bicycle chain links and tires, so I was off and running...er...riding...to set the quilting on the quilt. The quilting doesn't show very well in the magazine photos so I've shared a few pictures below that I took after the quilting was completed.  

All Iowa Shop Hop 2019

All Iowa Shop Hop 2019


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